Size 5 Jumping Pillow at Uncle Henry’s

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We were delighted to be asked to install a size 5 Jumping Pillow at Uncle Henry’s at Grayingham Grange Farm in Gainsborough which is owned by Steve & Meryl Ward and managed by their daughter Emma, the fifth generation to live and work at the mixed arable and livestock farm.


The story behind the farm shop started with a family friend of Meryl & Steve, by the name of Henry Wright. Henry used to live in the house behind the farm shop and café. The Wright family had farmed for over 100 years when the Wards took over the farm operation in 1991.

Even though the two families were not related, Merely & Steve’s children used to ask “can we visit Uncle Henry’s” when they wanted to play at Henry’s house and the name stuck, and out of their fondness for their family friend, came the title for the Wards new business, Uncle Henry’s Farm Shop, Butchery & Café.

The couple went on to covert the derelict 19th Century limestone buildings on the farmlands next to Henry’s house and add conference facilities and since have become an educational resource for local schools with a classroom in the woods.

The farm runs an integrated system where the cereal crops on the farm are used to provide feed for the pigs, the straw is used as bedding and any manure produced is returned to the land to reduce the reliance on artificial fertilisers.

The giant 5 acre Maize Maze is planted in early May and grows to 8 feet tall prior to opening in July.

The maze crop is harvested at the beginning of November and used within one of their anaerobic digesters which helps power the farm with the methane gas generating electricity.

Open Farm Sunday

Open Farm Sunday is one of the farming industry’s biggest success stories. Since the first Open Farm Sunday in 2006 over 1,000 farmers across the UK have opened their gates and welcomed people onto their farms for one Sunday each year.

It allows everyone, young and old to discover first hand what it means to be a farmer and the fabulous work they do producing our food and managing the countryside and Uncle Henry’s are proud to be a host farm.

Their Lincolnshire Market demonstrates how their animals and products are processed into food and other materials, along with cheese & bread making, wool spinning, seed planting inside the walled garden, plus tractor and trailer rides.

There are Bee Hives and their Beekeeper jars the honey produced which is sold in their farm shop alongside an award winning Café.

The next Open Farm Sunday is Sunday 7th June 2020, it is a free event with a small parking charge.


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