Jumping Pillows originated 1983, 37 years ago and began as a trampoline & Playground Service. The founder designed and produced oversized trampolines fixed into the ground for 2 children. 4.5m x 2.8m

Clients were very fond of the trampolines as they were very popular with the visitors and asked the designer / founder if he could make something that would provide as much fun but for more people as the price was quite high for just 2 children.

The designer came up with a prototype using curtain side trailer material measuring 4.0m x 4.0m held in the ground using horizontal poles buried in the ground and this was the first time this type of anchorage had been tried. Over the first years, the design was tweaked and improved to provide a long-lasting non-perishable anchorage system and specialist UV resistant PVC Canvas that is still used to this day.

The Danish market quickly adopted this exciting new product and soon it was common to find them at Kindergartens and public parks as well as campsites and recreational areas. In fact, they were so popular that new premises had to be found to cope with production and the growth of interest.

It wasn’t long before the new Jumping Pillows were attracting some attention from other countries and in 1991 first export dealer in Holland was appointed and to this day there are more Jumping Pillows there than any other European country.

2001 saw Tage Gammelgaard, nephew of the founder, came into the company and organised more export dealers across Europe first and then Australia and America. He also identified the need for Certification of the product and in 2003 he obtained TUV Certification for the unique Jumping Pillow as there was no European Standard for this type of product.

The continued growth of the demand through the 2000’s led to the separation of the European Dealerships from the rest of the world in order to focus on one defined standard for the European market to meet the highest production and installation standards and to this day Jumping Pillows are the market leaders in the supply and installation of fixed inflatable play equipment in Europe.

Quality control at manufacturing is still critical and continues to be independently supervised and the dealers are monitored to ensure the installed product continues to meet the required high-performance standard.

The Jumping Pillow Distribution Group meet periodically to discuss product safety and performance and have a highly dedicated and qualified team who continuously strive to meet the highest standard.

Presently, the European Dealership network consists of:

Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany

At Jumping Pillows®, we believe there should be a sense of fun in recreation, exercise and education. Our products are designed to meet the requirements of clients operating within areas such as; Recreational Parks, Agri-Tourism, Child Care, Recreational Centres and Child Development Centres.

Our Birmingham based team will always be on hand to support and guide our discerning clients to achieve the most from their investments. We are a family owned and operated company and our goal is to help your business become as successful as possible. Incorporating the Jumping Pillow into your operation will directly correlate to an increase in your customer satisfaction.

The Jumping Pillows® is a trusted name with thousands of happy clients spanning 38 years.

Jumping Pillows® are made from material that has a high resistance to UV degradation, giving a quality finish and longer life. We are so confident in the quality and performance of our product that we offer an extended 5-year warranty.

product quality

  • Tested by TUV SUD Standard.
  • Compliant with EN Standards.
  • 30 Years performance record
  • Unique ‘Embossed’ High Frequency welded joints. This makes the joints extremely strong.
  • Unique Non-Degrading PVC anchor plates with Steel anchor frames to ensure long life.
  • Low energy (190 watts) motors attached to high performance blowers.
  • And most importantly, specially manufactured PVC canvas with high UV stabilisers. (Not curtain sider materials)
  • The design life for our Jumping Pillows®  is 8+ years and most replacements occur after 10 years.
  • The anchor system means that replacing the canvas is inexpensive and swift as the unique anchor system will remain in-place.

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