We’ve taken safety to a whole new level. The Jumping Pillow material has additional in built safety features not found in any similar product manufactured here or overseas.


Colour options are red, yellow, blue, green panels or single colour green. Keep in mind that darker colours get hotter in summer making jumping less enjoyable. Business Logo’s can be printed on the Jumping Pillow.


The Jumping Pillow comes with a range of options, so we can tailor your jumper exactly to your needs. First choose the size of the jumper you want. Measure the area you have to install a Jumping Pillow. Remember to allow a 2.0m perimeter space around the outside for the safety surround and room for people to watch everyone on the jumper having fun.

You may also want to fence the perimeter or install a rain/shade cover at a later time, so allow room for these option also. Don’t underestimate the popularity of the pillow. “Build it and they will come” could not be closer to the truth. The Jumping Pillow is a magnet for children so be sure to select one big enough for your future clients.


  • Various Installation Options
  • Different Sizes and Colours
  • Detailed Technical Information
  • Sandless Surround
  • Anti Slip Socks 
  •  Promotional Videos