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At Jumping Pillows we believe there should be a sense of fun in recreation and exercise. Our mission is to research, approve and supply innovative products from around the world for use at both commercial and educational points of delivery. Our products are designed to meet the requirements of clients operating within areas such as; Recreational and Caravan Parks, Agri Tourism, Child Care, In-door Recreational Centres and Child Development Centres.Our expert team will always be on hand to support and guide our discerning clients to achieve the most from their investments.Our product range comes with industry leading performance and warranties. We match high quality products with options to suite all clients’ budgets.

01 Jumping Pillows

The Jumping Pillow is not your average air cushion style product.This high quality bouncing pillow is made from material that has a high resistance to UV rays, giving it a better quality finish and longer life. We are so confident in the quality of our product that we offer an extended 3-year warranty, helping your Farm Park, playground or outdoor/indoor business receive a massive return on investment. Our clients and their clients love the Jumping Pillow, as it is affordable and enjoyable for all ages and ability levels.We offer custom options to suit your business, including colour, logo printing and the sand-less surround designs that promote the long life of your jumper.We are a family owned and operated company and our goal is to help your business become as successful as possible. Incorporating the Jumping Pillow into your operation will directly correlate to an increase in income, as your customer satisfaction improves visit after visit. The Jumping Pillow is an exciting and proven product for the UK & Irish market, it ticks all the boxes and is a trusted name with thousands of happy clients across the world.

02 Quality

Our Jumpers use the only material specifically designed for inflatable trampolines, this material is exclusive to The Jumping Pillow. It outlasts all others in laboratory fade testing simply due to the amount of UV stabilizer in the material.When you buy a jumper or inflatable trampoline the most important question you should ask is how long will your product last? This relates directly to your return on the investment.The answer to this question is dependent on two main factors – UV resistance and abrasion.Jumping Pillow uses our exclusive material, which is leading the industry in jumper material quality. Combine this with our optional sand-less soft edge and your Jumping Pillow will last for years and we have the warranty to back this up. We are very proud to be bringing this superior product to the UK.

03 Safety

We’ve taken safety to a whole new level. The Jumping Pillow material has additional in built safety features not found in any similar product manufactured here or overseas.The Jumping Pillow is leading the industry in safety, with state of the art safety measures sure to keep your customers safe.The Jumping Pillow is Lead and Latex free and Allergy Safe.


Jumping Pillows Colours Selection

Colour options are red, yellow, blue, orange and green panels or single colour green.

Keep in mind that darker colours get hotter in summer making jumping less enjoyable. Business Logo’s can be printed on the jumper. The Jumping Pillow comes with standard safety signage printed on the jumper as well as one fence sign.

For an additional fee you may include additional signage either printed on the cushion or as external aluminium signs. Other optional extras include:

  1. Additional aluminium signage for rules and conditions of use.
  2. Your company or business logo printed on your Jumping Pillow = POA


Jumping Pillow Size Options

The Jumping Pillow comes with a range of options, so we can tailor your jumper exactly to your needs.

First choose the size of the jumper you want.

Measure the area you have to install a Jumping Pillow. Remember to allow a 2.0m perimeter space around the outside for the safety surround and room for people to watch everyone on the jumper having fun. You may also want to fence the perimeter or install a rain/shade cover at a later time, so allow room for these option also.

Don’t underestimate the popularity of the cushion. “Build it and they will come” could not be closer to the truth. The Jumping Pillow is a magnet for children so be sure to select one big enough for your future clients.


So much more than an air cushion

  • Various Installation Options
  • Different Sizes and Colours
  • Detailed Technical Information
  • Sandless Surround
  • Rain Canopies
  • Anti Slip Socks
  • Sand Depth Indicator
  • Variable Speed Motor
  • Promotional Videos

Increase your Income

Increased Return on Investment

In our experience, when considering your investment in an inflatable trampoline, quality material and design is the key, The Jumping Pillow is not a short-term investment and is the safe and economical choice for your business being a high quality product, guaranteed to last and giving your business an increased return on investment.

Our customizable installation allows your business the ability to create a product that your customers will love, on terms that suit your pocket and business strategy. We are the only company in Europe to offer optional sand-less surround as a feature, which ensures little to no maintenance or ongoing costs for the operator. Sand abrasion of the jumper material is completely eliminated leaving your jumper looking brand new for years. Jumping Pillows are super economic to run. The pump costs about £ 1.50 per day to run and sand top ups each year due to foot traffic might amount to approximately £ 100. Compare this to running costs of a traditional inflatable and it is easy to see which one wins.

With a safe, high quality, customisable family friendly product, the Jumping Pillow will increase your income through greater customer satisfaction.  Young children and adults alike will love using your Jumping Pillow and will continue to frequent your facility time and time again.

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The Features

Product Safety


do it yourself installation - jumping pillows

Assisted Installation


Assisted Installation of Jumping Pillows

Full Installation


Full Installation of Jumping Pillows

Indoor Installation


Jumping Pillows Indoor Installation

Technical Specification


Jumping Pillows Technical Info

Product Development


Product Development by Jumping Pillows

Material Used


Jumping Pillows Material Used

Sand-less Surround

Additional Options

Sand-less Surround Jumping Pillows

Rain Canopies

Additional Options

Rain Canopies by Jumping Pillows

Anti Slip Socks

Additional Options

Anti Slip Socks by Jumping Pillows

Sand Depth Indicator

Additional Options

Jumping Pillows Sand Depth Indicator

Promotion Videos

Additional Options

Promotion Videos by Jumping Pillows

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